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Professionals in the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, EHNRI disclosed in the scientific workshop held in Wondo Genet, June 2, 2011 that the ongoing research focused on searching plant based medicine against the major animal ectoparasites in Ethiopia is promising.

The scientific workshop, which held in the Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center, Southern Region of Ethiopia revealed also that the study is aimed to convey effective, safe to human and the environment, affordable and accessible plant based medicine against mange mites, lice, sheep kades and ticks.

Dr. Asfaw Debela, Director of Traditional and Modern Medicine Research Directorate, EHNRI, who made a speech on the opening of the workshop said that searching for effective, safe, environmentally sound, affordable and accessible plant based medicine against these main animal ectoparasites has paramount importance to increase livestock productivity for farmers as well as to increase the quality of skins and hides thereby enhance the foreign currency of the country.

According to the workshop organizers, as the study requires professionals from diverse disciplines, EHNRI has signed memorandum of understanding and agreement documents with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center.

During the closing session Ato Solomon Abate, Director of Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center said that, the ongoing research, which is undertaking with the cooperation of the three institutions, should strongly proceed until the result of the research revealed to the use of Ethiopian farmers.

The workshop participants have discussed on the major achievements of the project that includes; identification of the major ectoparasites those lead to loss of livestock productivity and drop in quality of hide and skin in Ethiopia and areas where higher prevalence in infection of livestock is registered.  Participants have also discussed on the way forwards in order to successfully accomplish the project.