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The Nutrition and Food Science Research Directorate of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute conducts a one day Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Linking Nutrition and Climate Change Adaption with Gender Perspective in Ethiopia, 30th October, 2013 at the Dream Line Hotel in Addis Ababa.

According to Ato Masresha Tessema, a Researcher and Coordinator of the workshop, the knowledge sharing workshop is organized mainly to increase awareness on the linkages between the issues of nutrition and climate change with gender perspective among the workshop participants and to let them apply it in their day to day business.
“The workshop has also an objective of strengthening the capacity of the participants on the way that they can effectively share knowledge among themselves and other relevant stakeholders” said Ato Masresha.
During the opening session of the workshop, Dr. Adugna Woyesa, has delivered an opening speech on behalf of Dr. Yebeltal Assefa, D/Director General of the EHNRI. On his speech, Dr. Adugna said conducting this kind of knowledge sharing forums would support the sound implementation of the Ethiopian National Nutrition Program and equip people with different and broader perspective about food security, nutrition, environment and gender.
The workshop that brings together professionals of nutrition, environmental science, gender and agriculture has also discussed the role and responsibilities of different concerned organizations in Ethiopia.
As an interactive knowledge sharing workshop, in addition to increasing the awareness level of the participants, all the participants have learned knowledge sharing techniques and tools. Workshop participants have also planned the way they integrate they learning with their day to day activities.