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Following the provision of the diagnosis of Lymphoma and Leukemias Laboratory service in the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute using FACS Calibur, Laboratory staffs receive training on the diagnosis of Haematological disorders patient.

According to the training coordinators, four Lab staffs of the Institute and two Lab staffs of the Black Line Specialized Hospital received the training in order to sustain the diagnosis of Haematological disorders patient in the laboratory.

Feyissa Challa, Assistant Researcher in the Institute said that, the diagnosis of malignant condition in general and Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) in particular was made in the Black Lion Specialized Hospital on Microscopic-base only that leads to miss diagnosis and miss management. The usage of the Facscaliber machine that improves the diagnosis services, in addition to bring to an end of sending samples to abroad for the investigation, it enables to provide better patient care in the country at large.

‘’However, the sustainability issue of the service is still in question as the reagent supply and service management issues are the challenge that the laboratory is facing since the set up of the service” said Ato Feyissa

The service that is provided in the EHNRI is rendering a diagnosis service of Philadelphia Chromosomes using GenXpert instrument for CML patient in collaboration with the Black Line Specialized Hospital. The laboratory has also received a support of capacity building both for the Lab staffs and the Laboratory from Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD). It is known that BD is a medical technology company that manufactures diagnosis supplies.