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The Federal Ministry of Health, FMoH establishes the National Health Research Council, NHRC of Ethiopia on a meeting called on June 6, 2014, at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, EPHI.

Organizers of the meeting disclosed that the main objective of establishing the Council is to strengthen the health research system of the nation through a dedication from different concerned bodies and individuals based on the discussions made over the years period.
The same way, based on its mandate, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established the National Science and Technology Research Council in February 2014, in which different concerned sector Ministries and institutions including Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ethiopian Science Academy, Government Universities Consortium, Private Higher Education Institutions, and others are a member.
During the opening ceremony, Dr. Amha Kebede, Director General of EPHI, welcomed all invitees for coming to the meeting and reassures the EPHI’s commitment to strengthen the national efforts.
His Excellency Dr. Kebede Worku, State Minister of Health on his opening remark said that the main reason for countries that show rapid growth in social and economical growth and make them competitive in the world for consecutive years is, using of Science and Technology as a development tool. Their successes was also based on using this tool to harmonize activities with, the countries’ context, organizations system and establishment of  a coordinated body such as National Science and Technology Council that could assists and lead research activities in organized manner.
“When we come to the Ethiopian context, although there are different institutions involved in researches and trainings, their focus and involvement areas of research are not well identified, organized and harmonized according to the country’s priority development needs. To alleviate this problem, establishment of National Science and Technology Research Council and use it as a development tool is one of the main objectives of the Government to support its development plan in the coming years” added Dr. Kebede
During the meeting, invited guests led by the State Minister, have deliberated on the prepared draft guideline of NHRC including its organizational structure, membership, roles and responsibilities, scope of work, accountability and work relationship with the National Council in harmonized way. The meeting has finally indorsed the guideline with expectation that members of the NHRC will expedite their functions by using it in the coming years.
Following the official announcement of the establishment of the NHRC, the secretariat office is decided to be at EPHI.
The establishment session has attracted representatives of universities involved in research and teaching, research institutions and concerned professional Associations. That includes: the Addis Abeba University College of Health Sciences, Gondar University, Jimma University, Baher-Dar University, Debere-Markos University, Haromaya University, Mekele University, Addis Continental Public Health Institute (ACPHI), Armaure Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA), Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA), Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA) and Ethiopian Public Health Laboratory Association (EPHLA).