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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute conducts a joint planning workshop with Regional Health Bureaus that is aiming to allocate budget for the 2008 Ethiopian Fiscal Year, August 4 to 6 2015 at the Institute's conference hall.

Dr. Amha Kebede, Director General of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, on his opening remarks welcomed all participants and expressed his expectation that the joint planning workshop will help to discuss the issues jointly and prepare draft plan of the Institute and the implementation strategy in which regional health bureaus have a stake.

Ato Arega Zeru, Acting Director of the Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, has also presented the general overview and direction of the 2008 joint planning of the Institute that is going to be implemented with regional health bureaus in the coming three days.

According to the joint planning workshop organizer, the discussion was grouped into three: research and technology transfer, public health emergency management and regional laboratory capacity building. Each group has discussed on the prepared draft plan of the 2008 budget year and enriches it for better implementation in their respective areas. The plan will be effective after incorporating comments given by delegates of regions and indorsed by all concerned Institutions.

The joint planning has attracted 80 participants from regions and the Institute except the absence of the SNNPR, Tigray and Addis Ababa regional health bureaus due to another commitment.