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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute, EPHI in collaboration with its partners  launches the third malaria indicator survey of 2015 (MIS-2015) on September 30 2015, the survey organizers indicated.

The third MIS is a national follow-up survey, undertaken for the purpose of measuring the progress of malaria prevention and control efforts undertaken since 2011 and distinguish whether the goals set forth in the National Strategic Plan for Malaria Prevention, Control and Elimination 2010-2015, FMOH were achieved. 

According to the survey organizers, the survey results are expected to complement information collected through the routine Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) and document the progress and impact of malaria prevention and control efforts in Ethiopia. The data collected for the survey is also believed to provide a more comprehensive picture of the malaria-related burden for the population at risk in the country.

The MIS 2015 will be conducted between October and December, 2015 in all malaria endemic regions of the country. The survey will cover 555 enumeration areas, 13880 households and 62,460 residents. All governments’ bodies and the community are expected to provide support and cooperate with the survey data collects, so that the survey will be completed as planed.