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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) officially announced the commencement of KAIZEN's implementation phase on December 4, 2015.
On the commencement ceremony Dr. Amha Kebede, Director General of EPHI indicated that the management has been supporting the KAIZEN's process in EPHI right from the beginning.
"I am sure that together we will implement KAIZEN successfully in our Institute and bring a positive change," he said.
A representative from the KAIZEN Agency, Soliana Sisay pointed out major areas which need to be improved using KAIZEN and presented results attained in other Institutions after implementing KAIZEN.
Hussein Faris, Director of EPHI's Procurement and Finance Directorate, presented what has been done and plans to implement KAIZEN in the Institute. According to him there is already a team formed to implement KAIZEN and has planned to attain up to 87.8% results up to the coming June.
"Training, experience sharing, evaluating the existing situations and budget allocation are the first steps that have been undertaken. And today we are able to announce the official launch of the implementation phase. Also I would like to appreciate the KAIZEN Agency for sending trainers and follow up our performance," added Hussein.
Finally to signify the implementation's kick off, EPHI's employees cleaned the Institute's compound and entered an oath to contribute on the KAIZEN's implementation.