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2The Second National Food and Nutrition Research Dissemination Conference under the main theme “Micronutrient Interventions for Child Survival and Sustainable Development: Hunger Free Ethiopia in SDG” was held at Desalegn Hotel, Addis Ababa from January 14 – 16, 2016.
Tesfaye Hailu, Acting Director of Food Sciences, Nutrition and Research Directorate of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in his speech to introduce the agenda and objectives of the conference indicated that the main objective of the conference is to share recently finalized research outputs, identify best practices and works.
Dr. Chernet Abuye, President of the Ethiopian Food and Nutrition Science Association, in his key note speech said that the aim of this conference is to guide and show us the way to address and eradicate malnutrition in Ethiopia.
Also Dr. Abdulaziz Adish, regional director of MI, in his key note speech congratulated EPHI for the successful organization of the conference and added that the research outputs from EPHI are growing in both quality and quantity.
Director General of EPHI Dr. Amha Kebede in his opening speech after welcoming the participants to the conference explained that the plan of the conference is to provide evidence based research outputs.
“Human power is the major resource of one’s country. Ethiopia is maximizing its man power and for this achieving food and nutrition security will play great role for Ethiopia to reach its goals. This conference also intends to inform timely and accurate information for policy makers and other stakeholders,” said Dr. Amha.
On the conference more than 30 researches were presented while 20 were presented orally. More than 170 participants from EPHI, partner organizations, universities and institutions attended the conference.