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newsThe Ethiopian Public Health Institution (EPHI) held a meeting with its public wing on February 5, 2016 to enrich the draft plan on identified areas that the institute intends to work together with the public wing.
Dr. Amha Kebede Director General of EPHI welcomed the participants on behalf of the Institute and explained the main objective of the meeting.
“First of all I would like to thank you all for coming on behalf of the Institute and my colleagues. In our today’s first meeting we will discuss on our plan which we drafted based on the identified focus areas that enable us to work together,” said Dr. Amha.
On the meeting EPHI’s strategic themes and strategic objectives aligned with the Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP) and the main activities of the plan with the public wing were presented by EPHI’s Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate. To prepare a joint plan between EPHI and the public wing, to evaluate the joint plan performance with the public wing, to conduct a public wing meeting in every three months, to prepare and disseminate research publications on diabetes and cervix cancer, to give education on food security and quality and to work on laboratory capacity and quality building were some of the main activities expected to be conducted with the public wing with in this budget year and the coming 5 years strategic plan.
Participants of the meeting forwarded their suggestions, comments and the way forward to work in collaboration with EPHI. Creating industry – Institution linkages, working in collaboration on research areas, production and laboratory capacity buildings were the major suggestions by the public wing to be incorporated in the plan.
Finally EPHI requested the participants to incorporate their interest of areas to work with the Institute and identify and include activities that can be commonly executed with EPHI and send back their feedbacks within the coming ten days.
In the joint meeting representatives from the Ethiopian Public Health Association, Ethiopian Medical Association, Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals and Supply Manufacturing Sector Association, Ethiopian Food and Nutrition Association, Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association, Network of Networks HIV Positives in Ethiopia, Gullele Sub-city Women and Youth Associations including EPHI’s directorates attended the meeting.