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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Regional Laboratories Capacity Building directorate in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Laboratory Association (EPHLA) conducted a training of trainers on Bio-safety and Bio-security from August 9 to 13, 2016, at Adama.
According to the workshop organizers, the objective of the training is to create awareness for laboratory professionals on laboratory safety from exposure to infectious agents, and on containment and application of standard laboratory practices as essential to establish and maintain safe working environment in health laboratories.
In this training workshop about seventeen (17) different modules were presented by different presenters and discussed among participants to enrich each module as a standard working document for every health laboratory.
Mr. Gonfa Ayana Director of the Regional Laboratories Capacity Building Directorate of the Institute in his closing remarks said that, the issue of bio-safety and bio-security as this time is an International health agenda. EPHI is trying to strengthen the laboratory personnel on the issue of quality laboratory standards and procedures to be in place in every laboratory for the last many years and continue the years to come, he added.
The workshop has attracted 23 health professional participants from all regional health bureaus except Harari region, two city administration health bureaus and EPHI.