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news48 The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), conducted the 21st annual national review meeting on Ethiopian Dracunculiasis Eradication program, in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health, National Regional State of Gambella Health Bureau, The Carter Center-Ethiopia and WHO from December 13 to 14, 2016 at Gambella Town.

The objective of the 21st annual national review meeting was to review the progress made in 2016 in the eradication program, to evaluate the level of implementation of the previous recommendations, to identify constraints and challenges to be met in the year 2017, to review the national plan of action for the year 2017, to formulate recommendations for accelerating interruption of the disease's transmission and certification of its eradication.
His Excellency Mr. Gatluak Tub president of the National Regional State of Gambella , in his opening remarks said that, to eradicate the Guinea Worm disease from Gambella region in particular and in Ethiopia in general, it needs to strengthening our national efforts at all levels in collaboration and coordination with Federal Ministry of Health and partners.
Honorable World Lauriet Dr. Tebebe Yemanberhan, member of the Board of Trustees for LCIF representing Africa and Goodwill Ambassador for Guinea Worm Eradication program in Ethiopia, in his keynote address said that, last year we were committed to work hard and eliminate Guinea worm disease from our Country but still we didn't achieve it. In the coming year hopefully we will eliminate the disease from our country by strengthening our efforts at all levels.
Dr. Amha Kebede Director General of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, in his Keynote address said that, Federal Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute were fully committed to support all the efforts made by the eradication program professionals and partners. Once again I would like to reaffirm my Government and specially my Institute , which is the technical arm of the Ministry of Health , to break transmission of Guinea worm disease by the year 2017 from Ethiopia.
The Carter Center vice president for health program Dr. Dean G. Sienko and World Health Organization representative Dr. Esther Mary have made a keynote address representing their respective organization.
During the review meeting the national, regional, district and refugee camp performance report of 2016 and recommendations for 2017 were presented. In the workshop about 140 participants were attracted from Federal Ministry of Health, EPHI, Gambella regional state Health Bureau, WHO and the Carter Center.