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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Public Health Emergency Management Center is giving training for health professionals to establish Emergency Rapid Response Teams to control and recover from consequences of public health threats which will be held from March 6 – 10, 2017

The training is organized by EPHI in collaboration with Center for Disease Control Ethiopia and World Health Organization.

On the training’s opening Dr. Ebba Abate Director General of EPHI explained that to strengthen the public health emergency response system, EPHI is leading several initiatives in order to effectively anticipate prevent, detect and respond to possible public health emergency incidents and among these is formulating a well organized functional rapid response team (RRT) at federal and regional level is one of the priorities of EPHI.

According to Dr. Ebba the establishment of a multi -disciplinary, well functioning and coordinated rapid response team at every level is very crucial for early detection, confirmation and response of public health emergencies.

After the training Emergency Rapid Response Teams are expected to be established and develop a network between regional health bureaus and other related organizations.

Representatives from, regional health emergency bureaus and from EPHI are participating on the training.