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The National Health Research and Development Coordination Committee composed from the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Armauer Hanson Research Institute (AHRI) and Addis Ababa University (AAU) led by Minister of Health Prof. Yifiru Birhan visited EPHI on July 17, 2017.
According to EPHI’s Director General Dr. Ebba Abate the aim of the visit is to identify health related researches conducted on national level, discuss on them and identify the available resources in the three organizations and work on them together.
MoH’s Minister Prof. Yifiru indicated that basic science research is vital for any country’s development thus it is very important for our country also.
“This doesn’t mean that other fields of researches are not important, but currently MoH has given special attention to the health research because it is the base for our country’s development. Therefore since this Committee is going to work together on health research it is necessary to identify the resources and the capacity of the three organizations. Therefore the visit will continue to the other two organizations and after that a road map will be designed which will show where we will be in 2020 and indicates what materials, human resources and finance we need for the realization which is given due attention by MoH. On the other hand a laboratory with international standards and a data base will be built in this Institute,” said Minister Prof. Yifiru.
Dr. Taye Tolera Director General of AHRI and also Prof. Araya Haymet and Prof. Eyasu Mekonnen from AAU, also explained that EPHI is a well-organized research Institute with many years of experience and they have all been working with it in different issues which will be strengthened and will continue further.neeeeeeews123