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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise (EPSE) and Regional Health Bureaus signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for specimen transportation and referral linkages on July 19, 2017.
The MoU enables transportation of specimen from the different regional laboratories and research centers to and back from EPHI through EPSE.
Dr. Ebba Abate EPHI’s Director General during the MoU signing ceremony explained that as the demand of laboratory services are increasing day by day there are many challenges being faced to transport specimens and deliver the results to the different regions in the country. Therefore there is no other organization like EPSE which can handle the service accordingly and with quality.
Ato Giday G/Yohannes General Manger of EPSE on his part said that his organization has passed through different challenges to realize the today’s tripartite MoU signing.
“I appreciate that we have come to such a modernized system of specimen transportation. We are proud to be part of this system and are ready to serve our society properly. We are ready for the service in both financial and human resource terms. And as it is known there is no other organization like EPSE which can reach all over the country,” added Ato Giday.
On the ceremony Bezabih W/Aregay from EPSE, Addisu Kebede from EPHI and Endale Mengesha from EPHI presented on Specimen Transportation, Overview of Referral Linkage and Integrated Sample Transportation Network in Ethiopia and Tripartite MoU Content, Role and Responsibilities respectively which were followed by discussions.