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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Traditional and Modern Medicine Research Directorate (TMMRD) organized an inception workshop on the implementation of the project proposal “Survey of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medical Practice” which was held from February 9 – 10, 2018.
To create a platform for project implementing partners universities/academic institutions and research institute on the mega project, to discuss on the implementation modalities of the planned activities of the project in a more concerted and integrated manner, to strengthen network and team spirit, and to create trust and transparency thereby avoiding fragmented studies and duplication of efforts were the major objectives of the workshop.
“It is indeed a great honor and pleasure for me to be present in this inception workshop and see the presence of collaborating institutions (universities and research institutes). Traditional medical practices are an omnipresent reality in the life of the majority of the Ethiopian population. It persists in both rural and urban populations due to the cultural accessibility, affordability, and perceived efficacy factors related to age-old use of traditional medicine. This collaborative interdisciplinary research project therefore aims to address the knowledge gap of traditional medicine and its practices through eh documentation of the untapped indigenous knowledge and traditional remedies from all corners of Ethiopia,” said
Dr. Tsigereda Kifle EPHI’s Deputy Director General in her opening speech.
Ashenif Tadelle Acting Director of TMMRD on his part said that on the workshop important inputs for the project will be developed, every stakeholder will take share of responsibilities and general consensus will be reached.
According to Ashenif in Ethiopia there more than one thousand registered traditional medicines used by the society and out of this 1.2 percent of them are found only in Ethiopia. And there are about 72 traditional medicines which are being tested in EPHI’s laboratory and 12 medicines have been tested and for production the process of looking manufactures is underway.