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performanceThe Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) evaluated its performance of the just ended Ethiopian fiscal year and conducted the pre planning phase for the New Year in Adama town on July 27 & 28, 2018.
On this meeting which was organized by EPHI’s Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring Directorate (PEMD), all the directorate and offices of the Institute presented their last year’s performance reports and plans for the new budget year.
Arega Zeru, director of PEMD said that the major objectives of the meeting are to know where our performance is and to identify areas which need to be improved for the new budget year.
“Our last budget year’s performance is 72% which is better than the previous year, however we could have performed better,” added Arega.
Deputy Director General of EPHI, Dr. Tsigereda Kifle also said that, in fact the overall performance is better than the previous year.
“To present unaccomplished tasks explicitly help us to identify our weaknesses so that we will be able to address them accordingly. Also conducting monitoring on our performance on quarterly basis make the annual review easier,” said Dr. Tsigereda.
Dr. Beyene Moges, Deputy Director General of EPHI in his part indicated that putting our performance in percent is not enough.
“We should examine how much our works brought impact on the country’s health policy and also how many lives we saved. And the management alone cannot bring change, we should work together,” indicated Dr. Beyene.
Finally the way forward was presented by EPHI’s Director General, Dr. Ebba Abate.
Taking a look at the previous year’s report and compare it with the just ended budget year’s report, finding a means to increase deliver of publications, plan must be attainable, improving resource utilization, plan alignment, etc. were some of the points raised in the conclusion.
Also on the meeting the Institute’s Reform and Good Governance Directorate (RGG) awarded directorates ranking from first to third, Food Science and Nutrition Research, Traditional and Modern Medicine Research and Audit and Inspection Directorates respectively, for their best performance in RGG.