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phemgiThe Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) is revising the PHEM Guideline on a workshop being held at Bishoftu town starting from October 11, 2018 and will continue until October 14.
The purpose of this revised guideline is to provide clear guidance on the proper implementation of PHEM activities throughout Ethiopia. The guideline is produced as a general guide to assist all public health officers, stakeholders and development partners who take part in PHEM in the implementation of the new approach in a standardized way throughout the country.
On the workshop, Dr. Beyene Moges, EPHI’s Deputy Director General, indicated that there were several attempts to realize this revision, but failed because of many reasons.
“It is a great success to have this workshop. Because as you know there were several health emergencies in the country in the last year, and because of these incidents our staffs were engaged in various activities so that we couldn’t organize such a workshop. But now we have done it and I am sure that we will have a fruitful workshop,” added Dr. Beyene.
Representatives from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock representatives, Ministry of Science and Technology, different universities and different development partners are participating on the workshop.
At the end of the workshop it is expected that the guideline for PHEM Centers will be readied for action.