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sm1The newly appointed State Minister of Health Dr. Liya Tadesse visited the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) on November 23, 2018.
Before starting the visit Director General of EPHI, Dr. Ebba Abate explained the overall activities of the Institute and the challenges it is facing during implementing its mandates.
“The Institute has been serving the society for 65 years and currently has 950 employees, more than 15 directorates, has sent 70 employees for PhD program, is carrying out more than 80 researches, and is doing well in implementing KAIZEN,” said Dr. Ebba.
The State Minister also mentioned that the Institute’s many years engagement in the sector and its wide activities. And she mentioned the challenges it encountered and is encountering through all these years and promised to work with it in the coming years.
State Minister Dr. Liya has visited different sections of the Institute and reflected her comments and suggested the way forward.