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wshop1On December 26, 2018 the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health organized a one day workshop on Mini Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) to create awareness between the Technical Groups who were in the group and the recently appointed.
On the workshop detailed presentation was presented to create awareness about the progress and current status of the survey. And five researches conducted on DHS were presented which were followed by discussion.
The main aim of this survey will be to measure the progress of the health sector goals set under the GTP which is closely aligned to the SDGs. The EMDHS 2019 will provide updated information on key health indicators since EDHS 2016.
This survey intends to employ stratified sampling and the sample will be selected in two stages. Each region is stratified into urban and rural areas yielding 21 sampling strata. In the first stage, 305 EAs will be selected with probability proportional to the EA size by region and location. In the second stage of selection, a fixed number of 30 households per cluster will be selected with an equal probability systematic selection from the newly created household listing. A total of 9150 households will be included in this survey. All women aged 15-49 who are usual members of the selected households or who spent the night before the survey in the selected households are eligible for the survey. In all of the selected households, height and weight measurements will be collected from children aged 0-59 months.