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dhs1The Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Health Systems and Reproductive Health Research Directorate (HSHRD) has finalized its preparation to launch the Mini Demographic and Health Survey 2019 (MDHS) which is piloted to identify the gaps in health services in Ethiopia and indicate the way forward to narrow down the identified gaps.
As a first step to materialize this survey, the HSHRD has started giving a 15 days training to more than 150 data collectors who will participate in the survey on February 27, 2019.
Abebe Bekele, Director of EPHI’s HSHRD said that this training is expected to help the data collectors to be able produce data that will help us identify the gaps in the health service in Ethiopia.
According to Abebe, after the training the data collectors will be dispatched to the nine regions and two federal cities of the country to collect data from 303 stations representing
The Ethiopia Mini Demographic Health survey 2019 is the second survey like that of the first mini-DHS conducted in 2014.The first mini-EDHS was conducted to measure the progress made after DHS 2011.These survey provided substantial information on fertility, family, planning ,contraceptive use maternal and child health ,nutrition and breastfeeding practices ,and HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
And the general objective of the survey is to measure the progress of the health sector goals set under the Growth and Transformation (GTP) which is closely aligned to the SDGs. The EMDHS 2019 will provide updated information on key health indicators since EDHS 2016.