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animalA two day workshop organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Bacterial, Parasitic and Zoonosis Diseases Research Directorate (BPZDR) Laboratory Animals Welfare and Biomedical Research was concluded on March 22, 2019.
The main objective of the workshop was to identify the gaps and challenges in the care and welfare of laboratory animals. And unavailability of policy, guideline, Standard Operation Procedure and legal frame work are the major gaps in Ethiopia for proper care for laboratory animals care.
At the end of the workshop a consensus was reached to establish a technical working group (TWG) drawn from various relevant sectors.
According to Dr. Assefa Deressa, senior researcher in BPZDR and organizer of the workshop the technical working group will be composed of representatives from ministries, universities, authorities, associations and from the private sector.
“Establishing the TWG both at national and regional level is an important step to fill the identified gaps in laboratory animals care. This group will be led by EPHI and will play key roles in providing inputs for policy and decision makers. Also the management of EPHI has confirmed to provide all the necessary support for realizing the activities of the group,” said Dr. Assefa.