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Invitation to Suppliers/Manufacturers of Rapid HIV Diagnostic Kits

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) is planning to validate HIV Rapid Diagnostic Kits for the establishment of national HIV Rapid Testing algorithms. Therefore, EPHI invites interested suppliers/manufacturers to submit HIV Rapid Diagnostic Kits to be considered for the validation process which shall fulfill the following criteria:

1.World Health Organization (WHO) prequalified and/or approved for Global Fund procurement

2.Kits are complete with at least the following materials in package: Kit package insert, lancet, alcohol swab, sample transfer pipette/dropper, running buffer.

3.Shelf-life of the test kits should be for at least one year

4.Submission of Letter/s of Authorization from the manufacturer/s of the kit/s submitted is mandatory for suppliers.

Suppliers/manufacturers that have products which fulfill all of the above requirements are herewithinvitedto submit complete kits of the same lot number sufficient to test 800 specimens to EPHI at the National HIV/AIDS Laboratory Building, First Floor, Office Number 1 within 30 calendar days starting from the date of this announcement in The Ethiopian Herald or Addis Zemen Newspapers. Note should be taken that EPHI will immediately start with the validation process if at least seven different HIV kits are received by the 30thcalendar day. 

Any communication or inquiry related to this announcement shall only be made in writing

via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or letter to:


The Director General,

Ethiopian Public Health Institute,

Gulelle Subcity, Woreda 9,

Patriot’s Road, House # 625/626,

P.O.Box 1242 or 5654,

Addis Ababa.

Important Notes:

  • This announcement was published on the following newspapers: The Ethiopian Herald (March 12, 2017; Volumes LXXIII & Numbers 157) and Addis Zemen (March 14, 2017; Volumes Year 76th & Numbers 185). 
  • Attached herewith please find a form that shall be filled at the time of delivery and receipt of kits.



The National Task Force for the Establishment of HIV Testing Algorithms


The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)


Rapid HIV Diagnostic Kit Delivery & Receipt Form


1.Kit Details

Brand name: ___________________________________

Lot Number: ___________________________________

Pack Size/Number of Tests/kit ______________________

Manufacturing Date______________________________

Expiry Date_____________________________________


2.Delivery Det

Quantity delivered: _______________________________

Datailse delivered: __________________________________

Delivered by ____________________________________


3.Manufacturer Details:

Name: _________________________________________


E-mail address: __________________________________



4.Manufacturer’s Contact person details:

Name: _________________________________________

E-mail address:__________________________________

Tel: ___________________________________________


5.Supplier Details:


Country: _______________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________________

Tel: __________________________________________


6.Supplier’s Contact person details:


E-mail address: __________________________________

Tel: ___________________________________________


7.Completeness of kits checked and received by:

Name: _____________________________________

Signature: __________________________________

Date:  ______________________________________

Time: ______________________________________


Important Notes: 

- This form shall be fully completed upon receipt of kits from a supplier/manufacturer 

- The completed form shall be photo-copied  or scanned

- The photo or scanned  copy is given to the deliverer

- The original copy is retained at the National HIV/AIDS Laboratory with a photo or scanned copy of the deliverer’s personal Identification Document (Passport, Employee or Kebelle Residence) attached to it.