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What are the services given by Ethiopian Public Health Institution?

A:a. Referral laboratory service

b. Analytical test service on food and beverages

c. Rebelled dogs’ diagnosis service

d. Laboratory diagnostic service to regions on polio and measles samples.

e. Anti -rabbi’s vaccine production and dissemination

f. On job Skill upgrading trainings on laboratory techniques depending on the request of different organizations

Q: What kind of services EPHI provide to universities?

A: The Institute proved a laboratory visit programs to university students based on the request of universities. The visit program helps university students to familiar themselves with high-tech laboratory equipments which is mostly available only in the institute. The service also helps students to meet with senior laboratory technicians through which the seniors’ shares their vast experience to students.

Based on the agendas identified by the Institute, EHNRI also invites post-graduate students to be involved in operational researches using the Institute facility.

Q: What kind of laboratory animals the institution produces and to whom it disseminates?

A: The Institute produces, Genie pigs, Mouse and Rabbits and disseminates it at nominal fees to different universities and researchers.