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The training program that attracts 22 Participants from seven Anglophone African countries and Russian Federation commence here in Addis at the conference hall of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI), 06 June, 2011.  
During the opening session, Dr. Amaha Kebede, A/Director General of EHNRI, who mentioned about the EHNRI’s major research activities and malaria related ones, said that such a training program is helpful to equip malaria program managers and coordinators with necessary skills in order to successfully manage the undertaking malaria interventions.   
‘’As the training program is aimed to give technical arm to the malaria interventions in Anglophone African countries, our institution is on your side to make your stay comfortable in Ethiopia’’ added Dr. Amaha.
On her opening remark, Dr Fatoumata Nafo-Traore´, WHO Ethiopia representative, said that the malaria funds collected from the main funding sources is mainly allocated for supply, but it is also equally important to focus on other activities like training people who actually involved in malaria prevention and control activities and organize forums to share experiences each other.
 ‘’86 percent of malaria morbidity is in Africa and it shows that the malaria burden is very strong in our continent. That is why this training is focused on main prevention and control areas that includes malaria program planning and management, community mobilization, coordination, usage and sharing of the collected and analyzed data to other concerned ones’’ added Dr. Fatoumata Nafo-Traore´.
The training, which attracts malaria Program Managers and Coordinators, from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, Liberia and the Russian Federation is organized with the cooperation of the World Health Organization, Ethiopian Ministry of Health and EHNRI. The training program is expected to be completed on July 16, 2011.