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A memorial ceremony was held to the late Tesfaye Mengesha and Asseged Taye that was planned and conducted by his colleagues and friends at the Malaria and other Vector Born Diseases Research Team of EPHI. The ceremony that was held on May29, 2015 at the meeting hall of EPHI has provided a space for staff members and friends to share their memories of the late Tesfaye Mengesha who was a Senior Scientist and served as a Head of Public Health Parasitology and Aseged Taye who as well was a Malaria and other Vector Born Diseases Research Team Leader at the EPHI.



Following the opening remark and offering of words of blessing, the achievements of the late Tesfaye Mengesha and Aseged Taye was introduced by the ceremony’s organizers in honoring and remembering him.

It was learned that, Tesfaye Mengesha was born in 1945 EC and began his career in 1976 as a Lecturer at Asmara University, and would later recalls as a Senior Scientist, and finally as intermittent MSc thesis Advisor and external examiner at the Aklilu Lemma Institute of PathoBiology, Biology Department, Medical Lab School of the Addis Ababa University. During his career, he participated in many professional societies and associations and was able to publish more than 25 publications and 13 conference papers.

In addition to his professional contribution to the EPHI from 1981 to 2002 EC, he was a founding and active member of BSE, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association, Scientific Coordinating Committee of African Malaria Network Trust (AMANET) and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Chinese BIT’s World Vaccine congress.

The late Tesfaye, who was a father of three, has passed away while visiting his family in Dere dawa on May 11, 2015.

The late Asseged Tesfaye, who also works for EPHI from 1992 to 2001 EC as Malaria and other Vector Born Diseases Research Team Leader, was born in May, 1955 EC in the former Gamogofa Province. Asseged began his career in 1976 EC as a high school Biology Teacher at Wolayita. Following the completion of his MSc degree in Entmology Asseged was assigned to work as a Researcher. Asegid has contributed in professional associations and published scientific papers on several local and international journals. After leaving EPHI, Asseged has worked for Research Triangle Institute as an Entomologist and he worked as a Program Officer at the Carter Center for Onchocerciasis program until he passed away. The late Asseged has passed on May 23, 2015.