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The Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, EHNRI is conducting a training program on the Health Army Development capacity building from 29 April to 2 June, 2013 for its Scientific and Technical Professionals as well as support staffs at the Institute’s conference hall.

The main objective of the training is to strengthening the capacity of the employee’s and upgrade their performance level in order to accomplish the five year strategic plan of the Institute, which was designed depending on the HSDP 4 of The Federal Ministry of Health.

According to training coordinators of the Institute’s, the topics related to Health Policy and its strategy and Health Army Building Development will be covered by Dr. Amha Kebede, Director General of the Institute. In the same way, the topic related to Building of Democratic System in Ethiopia and Health System management in the Transformation process will be delivered by Dr. Daddi Jima, Deputy Director General of the Institute.

The training program is designed to be covered in two phases. During the first round, that will take place from 29 April to 2 June 2013, about 230 employees who are selected from different directorates will be part of the training. In the second round that is conducted from 7 to 1o June, 2013 240 trainees will similarly attend the training program.

According to the training coordinators, the training program is expected to allow employees of the institute to share experiences and learn much about one to five (1 to 5) groupings and its implementation process.