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Staff members of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI) has accomplished a training program on the Health Development Army building held from 29 April to 2, June 2013,at the conference hall of the Institute.
According to the training coordinators, the training was aiming at strengthening the performance level of the employees towards the strategic plan of the Institute which is also part and parcel of the Growth and Transformation plan of the country.
During the opening session of the training, on his introductory remarks Dr. Amha Kebede Director General of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute said that the training is the continuation and cascading effort of the Federal Ministry of Health training program that was given to the higher and middle level management groups in the Ministry and its Agencies in Adama.
“The whole purpose of conducting the Health development Army Building training program for staff members of our Institute is to build the capacity of the employees and up grade their performance level towards achieving the stretched objectives of the Institute in line with our 5 year strategic plan” added Dr. Amha.
During the closing session of the training program, Dr. Daddi Jima, Deputy Director General of EHNRI on his part said that “the training program has enables us, members of the management groups at all levels and the entire staffs members to reach in a consensus to work hard through building and strengthening the Health development Army within the Institute that would help us to accomplish our mission and vision successfully and achieve our goals”
The training, which was conducted in two sessions, was lengthened for four days for each round. Among others, the training encompasses lectures in title with the Health Policy of Transitional Government of Ethiopia and its strategy, Democratization process building in Ethiopia, Renaissance and the question of Leadership and Health Development Army Building and BSC.
“Level of participation of the staff members was very encouraging. They raised relevant questions and responded for the question raised. The discussions were very transparent and participatory” said one of the training facilitators.
The training programs were mainly coordinated by Dr. Amha Kebede Director General and Dr. Daddi Jima Deputy Director General of EHNRI and the facilitation committee which consists five members that work on raining materials preparation and conference room’s facilitation.
The first round of the training has attracts 71 Scientific and Technical staffs and 97 supportive staffs that has ten discussion groups. Similarly, the second round has attracted 105 Scientific and Technical staffs and 134 Supportive staffs that has also nine discussion group.