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Public Health Emergency Management Center of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, EHNRI conducts a National Annual Review Meeting of Public Health Emergency Management, PHEM held from 15 to 20 April, 2013 at the Capital of the Amhara National Regional State, Bahir Dar, Dib Anbessa Hotel.
Annual Review Meeting on Public Health Emergency ManagementThe annual review meeting was officially opened by Dr. Kesetebirhan Admassu, Minister of Health, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. On his opening remark, the Minister said that, this national annual review meeting on public health emergency management is very important to discuss on the current public health threats of the country and to address related problems.
“The annual review meeting participants of the regional PHEM officers should focus on their respective previous plan and revisit it to align with the national public health emergency management center plan, in order to be able to prepare a joint plan of action. This could help the Ministry to undertake the appropriate measures in the remaining budget year and the up coming years in a coordinated manner to prevent and control any public health problems” said Dr. Kesetebirhan.
Dr. Amha Kebede Director General of EHNRI, during the opening session said that, through the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) the Federal Ministry of Health and agencies under the ministry have identified seven core processes for reengineering. Consequently, public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) has been identified to be one of the core process’s that ensure rapid detection of any public health threats ,preparedness related to logistic and administration, and prompt response to and recovery from various public health emergencies in the country.
EHNRI has taken different measures to strengthening capacities of PHEM center for surveillance and response across all health systems.
Annual Review Meeting on Public Health Emergency ManagementDuring the national annual review meeting best practices of regional PHEM office’s were shared among participants. An issue which needs to receive attention have also been raised and discussed. Those experience sharing is believe to get ideas and suggestions to improve for preparing an integrated plan in align with regional PHEM office’s plan for a better action.
Ato Ayelign Mulalem, Head of the Amhara National Regional State Health Bureau, in his welcoming address said that it is a great pleasure of the regional health bureau to host the National PHEM annual review meeting at Bahir Dar.
“We would like to say welcome you all to this beautiful city and we wish you to have a fruitful national annual review meeting of PHEM” added Ato AYelign
During the annual meeting keynote speeches were delivered also by Representatives of WHO, UNICEF and CDC-Ethiopia.
The efforts made by the Center and its achievements have been presented by Members of the central PHEM. All regional PHEM office’s have also presented their activities and achievements of the last three years in their respective regions.