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The Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, EHNRI conducts a consultative workshop on which stakeholders discuss on the primary findings of the Health Sector Disaster Risk Management Capacity Assessment, on June 8, 2013 at Desalegn Hotel in Addis Ababa.
Dr. Dadi Jima, addressing participants
The consultative workshop organizers at the EHNRI said that the workshop is mainly organized to release the primary finding of the capacity assessment and forward recommendations that create enabling environment for disaster risk management and strengthen the capacity of Disaster Risk Management, DRM in the health sector.
In his opening remark, Dr. Dadi Jima, Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute said that the Government of Ethiopian has taken a number of steps to strengthen DRM in the country including framing it in the nation’s constitution.
However, said Dr. Dadi Jima, due to lack of adequate expertise and required resource, most of the components have not been operationalized.
“As disaster management requires multi-sectoral responsibility and coordinated effort of institutions, I strongly insist all concerned partners to join hands and strengthen the sector’s Disaster Risk Management Capacity” added Dr. Dadi
During the workshop, in addition to the primary findigs, several papers have been presented by different experts of the field. The presentations include; Regional Strategy for Health sector disaster risk management, updates on Health sector and National disaster risk management, Objectives and expected outcome of country capacity assessment and preliminary finding on the country capacity assessment.
Ethiopia has its share of disasters which include disease outbreaks, recurrent drought and floods with their effect on the public health resulting disruption of health services delivery, combination of communicable diseases outbreaks and malnutrition affecting particularly infants and children.
It is learned that half of people impacted by disaster is children and among the disasters occurred seven to ten are related to climate.