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Meningitis1A review and consultative meeting on bacterial meningitis laboratory based sentinel surveillance which was organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute’s (EPHI) Bacteriology, Parasitic and Zoonosis Diseases Research Directorate (BPZDR) was conducted from February 8 – 9, 2019 in Adama.
The meeting aimed to discuss on the existing situations and put the way forward to achieve better results, work in harmony to strengthen and expand the surveillance sites and produce quality laboratory results, to start referral laboratory services when there is either no or interruption of microbiology laboratory services and finally to publish and disseminate information results.
On the meeting discussions were focused on misconception about public health surveillance with research and project, microbiology diagnostic service, data quality, poor information management system, lack of good supply chain management, sample collection and transportation and communication resources utilization. And finally a consensus was reached to work together and the Institute to take its part by focusing on issues that need to be addressed.
More than 70 participants from universities, hospitals, EPHI staffs, microbiologists, data managers and professionals working on public health emergencies have participated on the meeting.