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drnipn1The National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) in coordination with International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has given a half day training on the topic “Submitting data to a data repository: what are the requirements and experiences?”.
The training was held at the EPHI training center and an introductory training schedule was delivered by Anne Bossuyt, senior policy advisor at IFPRI. The core part of the training, Presentation and sharing of experiences from IFPRI, was given by w/ro Yetmwork Habte, a data provider and a national research officer at IFPRI’s country office.
The training aimed to introduce the concept of data repository, the importance and the functionality of it following sharing experience from IFPRI.
EPHI NIPN team, National Data Management Center (NDMC) and EPHI library representatives attended the training.
Consecutive webinar trainings will be held on March 26 and April 2019 on the topics “Setting up a data repository, what does it entail?”.