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amr1The annual Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (AMR), which was organized by EPHI’s Bacterial, Parasitic and Zoonosis Diseases Research Directorate was conducted in Adama city from November 15 - 16, 2019.
To present 2019 annual AMR surveillance implementation report and findings, to identify AMR surveillance implementation gaps /challenges and sought possible solutions for the coming implementation years and to strengthen networking and coordination with relevant government sectors and partners on AMR surveillance implementation were some of the objectives of the meeting.
“During your stay for one and half day deliverables will mainly have focused on 2019 surveillance implementations achievements which includes surveillance network expansion & coordination, laboratory capacity building initiatives and how the system was monitored and evaluated during the reporting period including challenges and upcoming activities among others. It also provides information on antimicrobial resistance pattern of antibiotic tested from the four surveillance site during the reporting period. It is my believes that you will participate actively, identify gaps and recommend possible implementation strategies to meet the stated goals of the surveillance towards improving health care services at facility and national level,” said Estifanos Tsige, EPHI’s Clinical Bacteriology and Mycology team lead while delivering the opening speech.
At the end of the meeting the 2019 AMR surveillance implementation gaps were identified, common understanding and awareness on AMR surveillance were enhanced among all key actors and major stake holders, 2019 AMR surveillance plan was revised and additional resources were mobilized from partners.amr2