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The Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, EHNRI releases the findings of the first Ethiopian Population Based National TB Prevalence Survey of 2010-2011, that was conducted from October 2, 2010 to June 25, 2011.
The survey, that was conducted in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Partners has included 19,267 house holds and enumerated 95,092 individuals during the census including children age <15, 41,125(43.2%).
Field team screened 51667(54.3%) as eligible for the study and gave invitation card to attend the survey during census time.
According to Ato Zeleke Alebachew, Survey Coordinator, the finding indicated that observed Smear positive TB prevalence is much lower than the previous estimation and most patients (55 %) were young (15 to 34).
The finding further indicated that, smear Positive Cases account only 43% of bacteriologically positive cases and CXR detected most of bacteriological confirmed cases.
‘’Prevalence of smear positive TB in urban is low but bacteriologicaly confirmed TB is almost the same as the national figure’’ said Ato Zeleke during his announcement on the National TB Prevalence Survey finding Dissemination workshop held on December 15, 2011.
The survey, which is the first of its kind to Ethiopia as well as to Africa, was completed with in the schedule. It has also received strong commitment and leadership from the Ethiopian Government and good involvement from the community.
According to the survey organizers, the survey, that adopts International standard screening practice and managed high participation and sputum collection rate, has also received strong supports from partners especially from WHO CO and HQ.