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pipThe National workshop for validation of the Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan has been started today and will continue until December 2, 2019 which is organized by Ethiopian Public Health’s (EPHI) Rspiratory Viral Disease Surveillance Case Team (RVDS) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).
“Soon we are going to prepare multi hazard preparedness and response. This workshop should be an opportunity for us to strengthen the one health approach by ensuring multi sectorial coordination,” said Dr. Aggrey Bategereza, Emergency Preparedness and Response team lead from WHO while welcoming the guests.
Adamu Tayachew RVDS Case Team Lead in his part explained that this plan plays critical role to protect the influenza epidemic from occurring and if it occurred it also helps responding in an organized manner.
“The draft plan is presented and since we have experts from various sectors, I am sure the final plan will be successfully prepared,” added Adamu.
“This Influenza Pandemic Preparedness is very important and timely. And I believe you will participate in this validation workshop and would like to thank the organizers,” said Dr. Feyissa Regassa from EPHI’s Public Health Emergency Management.
More than 45 participants from universities, government and non-government organizations are participating on the workshop.pip2