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workshope2A consultative workshop on a draft of proclamation to provide for hazardous pathogens and toxins administration and control which is organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture is being held from December 12-13, 2019 in Adama town.
EPHI is working to strengthen the laboratory bio-safety and bio- security system in the country. And in order to prevent and control humans and animals health from intentional toxin emission, it has been found necessary to draft the hazardous pathogens and toxins administration and control proclamation.
According to Addisu Kebede, A/Director of EPHI’s National Laboratory Capacity Building Directorate many countries in the world have proclamation to control and administer hazardous pathogens and toxins, but Ethiopia doesn’t have. But now a draft proclamation has been prepared and the inputs from you will be incorporated in the document and will be sent to the appropriate authority for approval.
“The proclamation is very important to fulfil the IHR 2005 and GHSA agreements Ethiopia entered,” said Addisu.
Dr. Eyob Abera, Laboratory Bio-safety case team lead in his part presented the whole process of drafting the proclamation. And also he indicated 68 hazardous fungus, virus and bacteria types are identified in Ethiopia.
Representatives from House of Peoples Representatives, Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Attorney General, Universities, Lawyers, Federal Police, Laboratory Experts and Hospitals are participating on this consultative workshop.workshope1