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PERLSS 2Following the PERLSS one-year anniversary meeting (December 16-18), hosted by EPHI, some of the PERLSS partners with particularly rich experiences with mechanisms to ‘embed supports’ led a day-long workshop to the  Ethiopian Public Health Institute. Staffs from Knowledge Translation, Food science and Nutrition, Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM), and Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation directorates have participated in the workshop. The workshop was led by PERLSS representatives from the Canadian team (Kaelan Moat, McMaster Health Forum), the Chilean team (Paula García Celedón, Ministry of Health), and the South African team (Laurenz Langer, Africa Centre for Evidence). From the Colombian team (Daniel F. Patino, Universidad de Antioquia) also shared his experience during the workshop. The major output of the workshop was to outline potential opportunities for embedding supports for evidence-informed policymaking in Ethiopia, which went perfectly