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pipOn a consultative workshop on Points of Entries Communicable Disease Control (PoE – CDC) Activities held from January 13 to 14, 2020 in Mekelle, it was disclosed that the PoE – CDC has been shifted to the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). Previously the mandate was the former Federal Food, Medicine and Health Control and Administration Authority (FMHACA) which is now named as Ethiopian Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).
The workshop was to create common understanding on PoE – CDC activities with stakeholders, discuss on the way forward and develop action points.
Legal Background for PoEs- CDC, Introduction of IHR 2005: Mandate of state parties, core capacities at PoEs and National Health Security, and General over views on broad public health intervention at PoEs were some of the presentations at the workshop.
After the presentations the structure of PoE – CDC, functions and boarder unit coordination, role and responsibilities of EPHI’s Center for Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM), surveillance system at PoEs were discussed upon in groups.
Unavailability of necessary infrastructures such as quarantine classes; trying to pass to pass by providing forged documents like identification cards and vaccination certificates; wide range of boarder for controlling, and illegal passengers, etc. were some of the challenges at PoEs pointed out by the participants.pip2