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An advanced training, which aimed at broadening the technical knowledge of the Institute’s researchers, in malaria molecular technique, took place in the Institute’s laboratories of HIV and Malaria from 5 to 19 July, 2010.
The Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, as part of its effort that is exerted to prevent and control malaria, organized the training in collaboration with CDC Ethiopia. 
The training, which is projected to capacitate researchers of the HIV and Malaria Laboratories with a new laboratory technique, attracted a total of eight researchers of the Institute, six from malaria and two from HIV laboratories.
According to the trainer, Joseph Abdallah, Senior Malaria Molecular Techniques Expert at CDC Atlanta, the training is intended to equip the researchers with necessary laboratory skills in resistance determination, micro satellite and fragment analysis and molecular data collection, analysis and interpretation.
The training, in addition to upgrading techniques and modernize the national efficacy study, is projected also to strengthen the collaboration between the Addis Ababa (EHNRI) and Atlanta(CDC) malaria laboratories.
Malaria and other Parasitological Diseases Laboratories and HIV Laboratories of EHNRI, CDC Ethiopia and ICAP Ethiopia were resource institution of the training.