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Vision of the directorate

“To be a center of Excellency research institute on nutrition and food science, food technology and laboratory service in the sub-Saharan region.” 

Mission of the directorate

“To carry out problem solving research on priority areas of nutrition and food science, food technology, environmental health and microbiological; and providing laboratory services, training and consultancy.”


  • To determine the magnitude, distribution and determinants of malnutrition in the country.
  • To conduct operational and basic research for effective implement of national nutrition program (NNP) in the country.
  • To monitor spatial and temporal changes in malnutrition rate in relation to socioeconomic and other intervention activities and recommend appropriate intervention.
  • To generate scientifically sound information on the characteristics of local diet to promote nutritional quality and food safety as well as to enhance useful food processing and preservation technologies.
  • To promote the development of appropriate home-based complementary foods.
  • To provide quality laboratory service in the areas of nutrition, food science and water.
  • To provide training in the areas of areas of nutrition, food science, dietetics and in the use laboratory analysis methods.

Members of the directorate

The directorate has four research case teams. Nutrition and dietetics Research team, Food Science and Technology Research team, food science and nutrition laboratory Research team, food and water Safety Research team:

Nutrition and dietetics Research team

     1.Masresha Tessema (MSc)
     2.Dilnesaw Zerfu (PhD fellow)
     3.Tesfaye Hailu (MSc)
     4.Girmay Ayana (MSc)
     5.Desalegn kuche (MSc)
     6.Tsehai Assefa (MSc)
     7.Melkitu kasawu (BSc)

Food Science Research team:

     1.Aweke kebede (PhD fellow)
     2.Biniyam Tesfaye (PhD fellow)
     3.Tibebu Moges (PhD fellow)
     4.Aregash Samuel (PhD fellow)
     5.Solomon Eshetu (MSc)
     6.Temesgen Awoke (MSc)
     7.Andinet Abera (MSc)
     8.Girma Mengistu (MSc)

Food science and Nutrition laboratory Research team:

     1.Adamu Belay (MSc)
     2.Berhanu wodajo (BSc)
     3.Mesert W/yohanes (BSc)
     4.Almnesh Zelelewu (BSc)
     5.Yohanes Tesfaye (BSc)
     6.Tesfaye Zeru (BSc)
     7.Yosef Demelash (BSc)
     8.Getamesay Behayelu (BSc)
     9.Adesu Legese (BSc)

Food and water microbiology Research team:

     1.Almaz Gonfa (PhD)
     2.Ferehiwot Abera (MSc)
     3.Yosef Beyene (MSc)
     4.Samson girma (MSc)
     5.Redwan Muzeyid (BSc)
     6.Tesafye legese (BSc)

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