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Presentations (January 16/2016)

Presenter- Meseret Tamrat
Title: Nutrition Education improves nutritional status of Adolescents   School, in Jimma, South West Ethiopia: A cluster randomized control trial
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Presenter- Mengistu Fereja
Title- Title: Iodine status of pregnant women and household salt iodine concentration in rural Ada Woreda, Oromia region, Ethiopia
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Presenter- Kokeb T.
Title: Pre-ART nutritional status and its association with mortality in adult patients enrolled on ART at Fiche Hospital in North Shoa, Oromia Region, Ethiopia: retrospective cohort study
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Presenter- Ermiyas Mulu
Title: Household food insecurity and its association with under five children nutritional status in Sekela District, Western Ethiopia
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Presenter- Kefyalewu Muleta
Title: Determination of Heavy Metals in Canned Dry-Milk and Fish from Supermarkets in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Presenter- Dr. Almaz Gonfa
Title: Microbial Succession & Distribution of LAB in Ethiopian Traditional Fermented Milk products as well as their Safety Implication
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Presenter- Amistu Kuma
Title: Evaluation of microbial quality and handling practices of raw milk at different points of Oromia regional state to retail centers at Addis Ababa
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Presenter- Dr. Engida Dessalegn
Title: In VitroAntioxidant and α-Amylase Inhibition Activities of Spiced Red Chili Paste (Datta) from South Ethiopia
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Presenter- Temesgen Eromo
Title: Microbiological Quality of Street Vended Foods in Hawassa City, South Ethiopia 
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Presenter- Geremew Tasew
Title: Study on Aspergillus Species and Aflatoxin Levels in Sorghum (sorghum bicolor L.) Stored For Different Period and Storage System in Kewet Districts, Northern Shewa, Ethiopia
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Presenter- Desta W/zgina
Title: Bacteriological and Heavy Metal Contaminants Of Some Fresh Vegetables Irrigated With Awetu River In Jimma Town, South Western Ethiopia
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