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Mission: to generate and disseminate scientific evidences, and strengthen national Laboratory diagnosis service to end HIV/AIDS and TB in Ethiopia

Vision: To see TB and HIV free, productive, and prosperous Ethiopians

Focus areas/ Objectives
1. Research (Epidemiological/Clinical/biomedical)
2. Diagnostics and monitoring service
3. Quality assurance
4. Capacity building
5. Information management
Major Activities of 2016/17
1. Research
 1.1. Clinical/ biomedical research
  1.TB survey on at risk population(prisoners, homeless, health care workers , alcohol, drug and tobacco users)
  2.TB-Molecular Epidemiology
  3.The effect of intestinal parasite on TB
  4.Prevalence of HBV and HCV in Ethiopia

1.2. Program and technology evaluation
  1.Evaluation of Xpert MTB/RIF implementation in Ethiopia
  2.Evaluation of Xpert MTB/RIF for diagnosis of EPTB and childhood TB
  3.Evaluation of OMNIgene SPUTUM
  4.Evaluation of BD second line anti TB drugs for the detection of second line anti TB drugs resistant strains
  5.Evaluation of DBS for VL and HIVDR
  6.Evaluation of HIV POC for Early Infant Diagnosis
  7.Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA) Survey in Ethiopia
  8.Characteristics and magnitude of HIV tested clients not enrolled at ART clinic in Ethiopia, Review of all health facility data (HMIS and health facility and mobile testing sites data)
  9.Contributing factors and time to death of patients on ART, A retrospective cohort study

1.3. Survey/ surveillance
A) Drug resistance survey
  1.Third-National TB drug resistance (TB-DRS) survey
  2.Laboratory based 1st line (MDR-TB) and 2nd line (XDR TB)survey
  3.Early warning indicator-2015/16
  4.Survey to Monitor HIV Drug Resistance Prevention – SPHMMC
  5.Pre treatment HIV Drug resistance among HIV patients in Ethiopia
  6.Prevalence and determinants of first line ARV treatment failure and acquired drug resistance among adults and children in Ethiopia
  7.HIV drug resistance on pediatrics
  8.2nd line HIV drug resistance survey
  9.Molecular epidemiology of HIV (strain variation/circulation) in Ethiopia

B) Other survey/surveillance
  10.ANC-PMCT based HIV surveilanve-2016
  11.Ethiopia Demographic and health survey (EDHS+)-2016
  12.STI syndromic case surveillance
  13.National TB/HIV Surveillance
  14.HIV case based surveillance (CBS)
  15.National HIV and other STIs sero-behavioral study in development sectors, Ethiopia
  16.HIV sero- behavioral survey in refugee camps, Ethiopia

2.Diagnostics and monitoring service
 2.1. HIV Lab: Molecular (EID, VL, Genotyping, Specialized tests (HLA, paternity), Flow cytometry, Hematology, Serology
 2.2. TB Lab: Molecular ( Xpert MTB/RIF, LPA- 1st & 2nd line); AFB microscopy/ ZN and FM; Culture (solid/liquid); Phenotypic DST (1st & 2nd line)

3. Quality assurance
  1. EQA: TB and HIV Labs
  2. Accreditation: TB Lab (4 tests) and HIV Lab (Three tests)
  3. Bio-bank establishment

4. Capacity building
  1. Training (MSc, PhD, short term …)
  2. TB and HIV lab service upgrade/Road map
  3. Collaboration (national/ international)
  4. Journal club and Manuscript writing
  6. Technical assistance to Regional Labs
  7. Supply chain management
  8. Lab Net working

5. Information management
  1. Data base
  2. Sample repository