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Developing validated traditional medicine products and providing evidence based information on diseases of public health importance through research on traditional medicine as well as modern medicine to promote the health of the public.

To be centre of excellence in Traditional and Modern Medicine Research in Africa.

•Conduct research on traditional medicine and traditional medical practices,
•Conduct research on modern drugs,
•Study methods of production of traditional medicines of proven therapeutic efficacy, safety and quality,
•Develop and provide proposal to materialize integration of traditional medicine into the health care service system, and
•Collaborate with concerned organizations for conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants.

Major projects/activities:
•Documenting ethno-medical information of medicinal plants/practices,
•Evaluating the efficacy, safety and quality of commonly utilized traditional herbal medicines,
•Preparation of production package for scientifically standardized traditional medicine products,
•Conducting clinical trial on herbal based formulations,
•Conducting survey and surveillance on traditional and modern medicine,
•Ascertaining efficacy, safety, quality, and rational use of modern medicines,
•Disseminating information and providing training on traditional medicine,
•Conducting pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacovigillance study on traditional and modern medicine, and
•Collaborating with drug development and production companies in production and promotion of established traditional medicines.