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Produce human vaccines for priority diseases and anti-sera for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

To be a center of excellence in production of quality and affordable human vaccines and serum.

• To Produce safe and efficacious traditional human vaccines for priority diseases and diagnostics for diagnostic purposes
• Conduct R&D for vaccine development

Major activities
• Production of cell culture based rabies vaccines for human use.
• Production of Polysaccharide meningococcal, Yellow fever, Cholera vaccine and Typhoid fever vaccine in the coming five years
• Production of rabies monoclonal antibody for diagnostic and therapeutic use
• Conduct research on genetic mapping of circulating rabies virus and development of rabies vaccine from the locally circulating rabies virus.
• Initiate and implement collaborative Research and Development platforms for vaccine development
• Collaborate on clinical trials of vaccines
• Production of polyvalent anti-venom from poisonous snakes in Ethiopia and East Africa