The Malaria Research Network of Ethiopia (MRNE) was established to create a platform for researchers, policy makers and other malaria stakeholders to strengthen the evidence-based decision process of the national malaria control program and to share knowledge and best practices, and to promote and enhance the impact of proven interventions against malaria morbidity and mortality.

At present many research activities are underway by many academic and other malaria community that justifies coordination of those efforts to be well organized and communicated with policy-makers and the end-users. Briefly, this national platform is expected to facilitate and coordinate evidence generation and synthesis for better utilization. The network was established based upon the consensus of all stakeholders documented on May 7, 2010 at the initial consultative meeting See bylaw here

Vision: To see increased use of malaria research findings for programming of malaria prevention, control and elimination interventions and continuous quality improvement
Mission: To promote quality of malaria research, better coordination and collaboration among malaria research stakeholders in Ethiopia.
Goal: To make malaria research available for use by policymakers and public for action for prevention and control of the disease.
To create a platform for exchange of malaria research findings among all malaria stakeholders
To facilitate coordination and collaboration among malaria research stakeholders
To promote quality research undertaking on malaria
To advocate for use of malaria research finding in planning and implementation of malaria programs at all level.