Nutrition and Environmental Health Research Directorate Projects

Division Name: Food Science and Nutrition research

Project 1

Ethiopia National Food and Nutrition Survey to inform the Ethiopian National Food and Nutrition Strategy


This study is a nationally and sub-nationally (regionally) representative cross-sectional survey that will characterize dietary intake, micronutrient status and access to nutrition-related services for different target populations. Given that soil nutrient content can influence micronutrient content of foods and hence affect nutrient intake, the soil nutrient composition will also be analyzed.


The overall goal of this study will be to produce nationally and regionally representative estimates on anthropometric status, coverage of nutrition interventions, dietary intakes, and micronutrient status for children, adolescent girls and WRA in Ethiopia.

Funding Agency

Power of Nutrition, BMGF, World Bank, Eleanor Crook Foundation, and The END FUND

Project Partners


EPHI PI/s Contact Persons

Dr. Masresha Tessema (,

Meseret Woldeyohannes (,

Alemnesh Petros  (

Dr. Meron Girma  (

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