Nutrition Food Science Research


Director of Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate

Mission: To carry out problem solving research on priority areas of food science and nutrition, food technology, food microbiology; and providing laboratory services, training and consultancy.

Vision: To be center of excellence in Public Health in Africa

* To determine the magnitude, distribution and determinants of malnutrition in the country,
* To conduct operational and basic research for effective implementation of National Nutrition Program (NNP) in the country,
* To monitor spatial and temporal changes in malnutrition rate in relation to socioeconomic and other intervention activities, and recommend appropriate intervention strategy,
* To generate scientifically sound information on the characteristics of local diet to promote nutritional quality and food safety, and enhance useful food processing and preservation technologies,
* To promote the development of appropriate home-based complementary foods,
* To provide quality reference laboratory services in the areas of nutrition, food science and water, and
* To provide training in the areas of food science, nutrition, dietetics and use of laboratory analyses methods.

Major activities:
* National nutrition program end line Survey,
* Ethiopian national food consumption survey,
* Ethiopian national micronutrient survey,
* Formative study on agriculture and health linkage for improved diet diversity, and infant and young children feeding,
* Adherence of iron folate supplementation among pregnant women,
* Multisectoral nutrition program governance and implementation in Ethiopia,
* Effectiveness and acceptability trial on chickpea-base ready-to-use supplementary food for the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Ethiopia, and
* Evaluation of community bases nutrition program and possibility to expand in the pastoralist community.

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Call for Abstracts -EPHI-NIPN National Nutrition Conference

Dear Nutrition Partner and Stakeholder,

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI/NIPN) is pleased to announce that a call for abstract is open for your participation. The call for abstract is aimed for the National Nutrition Conference which will be held in the last quarter of 2021 (OR on November 2021), in Addis Ababa. The theme of this Nutrition conference is “Generation and mobilization of nutrition evidence to tackle malnutrition: From data to action”, aiming to bring different nutrition actors together and discuss issues that matter most in nutrition.

The main purposes for the conference are;

  • To facilitate dialogue and information dissemination among decision-makers, program implementers, researchers, and other stakeholders.
  • To facilitate evidence-informed decision-making for planning, implementation, and course correction.
  • To identify data and evidence gaps and priorities and advocate for information generation through implementation and operational research.
  • To strengthen research collaboration among different key actors /networking/ in Ethiopia.

Thus, we would like to encourage all partners and stakeholder to take part and actively participate in this important conference.

The detail call for abstract announcement can be found at

We wish you good luck!!

The National Nutrition Conference 2021 Organizing Team