Nutrition Food Science Research

Masresha Tessema (PhD): 

Director of Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate

Mission: To carry out problem solving research on priority areas of food science and nutrition, food technology, food microbiology; and providing laboratory services, training and consultancy.

Vision: To be center of excellence in Public Health in Africa

* To determine the magnitude, distribution and determinants of malnutrition in the country,
* To conduct operational and basic research for effective implementation of National Nutrition Program (NNP) in the country,
* To monitor spatial and temporal changes in malnutrition rate in relation to socioeconomic and other intervention activities, and recommend appropriate intervention strategy,
* To generate scientifically sound information on the characteristics of local diet to promote nutritional quality and food safety, and enhance useful food processing and preservation technologies,
* To promote the development of appropriate home-based complementary foods,
* To provide quality reference laboratory services in the areas of nutrition, food science and water, and
* To provide training in the areas of food science, nutrition, dietetics and use of laboratory analyses methods.

Major activities:
* National nutrition program end line Survey,
* Ethiopian national food consumption survey,
* Ethiopian national micronutrient survey,
* Formative study on agriculture and health linkage for improved diet diversity, and infant and young children feeding,
* Adherence of iron folate supplementation among pregnant women,
* Multisectoral nutrition program governance and implementation in Ethiopia,
* Effectiveness and acceptability trial on chickpea-base ready-to-use supplementary food for the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Ethiopia, and
* Evaluation of community bases nutrition program and possibility to expand in the pastoralist community.

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