Project 15

Etiology of Anemia and the Effect of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation in Reducing Anemia Among Women of Reproductive Age at Kebribeyah Woreda in Somali Region, Ethiopia- A Community-Based Individual Randomized Controlled Trial


This project has two phases. The first phase focuses on addressing the etiology of anemia in comprehensive manner among non-pregnant women of reproductive age in a setting where anemia prevalence is extremely high.

The second phase is RCT where MMS, IFA, or Placebo was supplemented to anemic women to assess the effect of MMS and IFA on hemoglobin concentrations


To assess the etiology of anemia and the effect of multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) in comparison with iron-folic acid (IFA) supplements in reducing anemia among women of reproductive age

Funding Agency

European Union through EPHI

Project Partners

EPHI, European Union, and UNICEF

EPHI PI/s Contact Persons

Desalegn Kuche (

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