Project 17

Ethiopian Food Composition Table Update


Food composition data describe the content of foods in terms of nutrients and energy, as well as of non-nutrients such as phytochemicals, bio-active food compounds, anti-nutrients or toxic components. The data is used to establish food labels, food-based dietary guidelines, nutrient requirements, or relationships between disease outcome and nutrient intakes which consequently enables to determine nutrition adequacy and the evidence base for nutrition and health policy. Ethiopia started developing the first food composition table in 1969. Since then, four versions were developed. The last version was developed in 1998. As the nutrient content of foods vary due to several factors such as genetics, growing conditions, feed, soil, climate, season, physiological state, maturity, storage, processing, brands, fortification level, legal requirements (e.g. fortification levels, labeling), data analysis and expression. It is worthwhile to update and develop a comprehensive FCT with additional foods and parameters. (Duration: 2019-2023)


To update the national food composition table (FCT) in Ethiopia for developing a reliable and comprehensive FCT and FCDB essential to inform food-based research and policy making

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FAO Ethiopia

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Dr.  Endale Amare (

Nigat Ashenafi (

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