Project 18

Onboarding Periodic Table of Food Initiative omics technologies (ionomics technology and fatty acid panel), method validation, and omics data collection on indigenous foods.


Ethiopian Public Health Institute is awarded a center of excellence for the the Periodic table of food initiative which is a global initiative led by the American Heart Association and Alliance bioversity-CIAT. The aim of the initiative to develop standardize methodologies, tools and trainings to be able to help quality food composition data generation which will be publicly accessible. (2023-2024)


  • To onboard PTFI omics technologies (ionomics and fatty acid pannel)
  • To establish method validation and omics data generation on indigeneous food resources.

Funding Agency

American Heart Association

Project Partners


EPHI PI/s Contact Persons

Dr.  Endale Amare (

Teshome Assefa (

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