Project 22

Aflatoxin M1 health risks vs. benefits of dairy consumption in Ethiopian children: An epidemio­logical trial and risk-benefit analysis


A longitudinal cohort study of children in Ethiopia can help clarify this connection and lead to policy recommendations on AFM1 regulation and dairy nutrition. Our goal is to determine whether aflatoxin M1 exposure in milk is associated with child growth impairment, and to compare any risks with nutritional benefits of milk consumption in children, in a longitudinal cohort study in Ethiopia.


The study has four objectives,

  • Determine association between dairy consumption and growth in young children;
  • Determine the association between AFM1 density in milk and nutrient density in milk;
  • Determine association between AFM1 exposure and growth outcomes in young children aged who consume dairy; and
  • Compare health benefits vs. risks of dairy consumption in children; derive policy recommendations for AFM1 regulation AFM1 and communications about dairy consumption

Funding Agency


Project Partners

Michigan State University and International Food Policy Research Institute

EPHI PI/s Contact Persons

Dr. Masresha Tessema (

Mr. Waktole Gobena (

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